In My Bedroom

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve seen everything in my room. I usually walk into my bathroom every morning to check out what new thing died in my tub overnight, and there’s always something in there! There have been large spiders, a millipede, centipede, three beetles, a cockroach, and two geckos. The worst are these half-inch ants and mosquitoes. I’m deathly afraid of mosquitoes now as I really do not want to contract malaria. I had a close call last week when my dad and I suspected I was coming down with the illness, but those symptoms have passed. Every time I hear that distinctive sound, or see one of them fly by, everything stops. I have to find it and kill it before I do anything else.  I also have these caretakers who keep outside doors open late into the evening. I’ve never lived in a home like that, but my dad assured me there weren’t mosquitoes in these parts. Yeah, right! It didn’t take long before I started seeing the bumps from their bites. The doors still stayed open even when I’d close them, and the bite marks increased. I’m also easily irritated when people don’t do what I ask or undo what I do especially in my own house.

Thanks to shoddy construction work, there are numerous door and window cracks for all these creepy crawlies to enter my room, and the ants have made the most this. Two nights ago, I declared war. I left a slice of watermelon on a table that netted 24 kills yesterday morning. Then I took out the trusty raid. I had some suspicions about this thing, but man does it impress. I casually sprayed what I thought was an empty wardrobe draw, and moments later, out crawled a dying cockroach! This raid canister must be some new industrial version. You can spray from 4 feet away and still make a direct hit on your target- nothing misty here. So on I went to the windows and held steady as I made my way into every tiny crack in the window frames. It was like a scene out of The Mummy as no less than 200 ants poured out of all those cracks. It was a true bloodbath. None was spared. When you sleep with just a sheet over you and realize 200 and more of these things saw you as free food every night, you’d go nuts, too. I decided to step outside to face some of the other useless creatures: flies and agama lizards. The lizards weren’t so much a problem as I just hate them. The flies on the other hand are a real pain. In the U.S. they don’t bother you as much and are so easy to kill. Here, they make it a point to hound you. I often find myself being followed for at least half a mile by the same fly, which would repeatedly buzz around my head. They aren’t easy to get, but when you kill one, the satisfaction surpasses killing a thousand ants. I got 5 this afternoon, and left their remains there on the veranda as a warning to others. It worked. You might think it’s gross or cruel, but I got to sit and work in a breezy porch for hours without having to pause every few seconds to swat away buzzing fly-byes. Why do they and mosquitoes buzz your ears, anyway? I mean, if you want to get a piece of something that wants to kill you, shouldn’t drawing his attention be the last thing you do?

Tonight and for the next few weeks, I should be able to enjoy a quiet sleep in this jungle-turned-bedroom. Now, if only I had a solution for the heat-from-latex mattress problem.


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