The Things I Miss

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I once went out to a few clubs one night with my roommate when I was living in Minneapolis. It must have been after 1a.m. when we set out to get back home. Minnesota cold is quite unique. The wind cuts through all the layers you have. I’ve lived in some pretty cold regions like Vermont. I once slept in a very cold cabin because neither my roommate nor I was eager to restart our cabin stove. I realized the next day that we’d slept in zero degree weather. On our way home, I hopped on the back of my roommie’s wheelchair (he’s a quad) as we sped down Hennepin Ave towards the bridge. So imagine someone with very limited mobility in his arms, very drunk, and speeding towards the bridge at 15mph. The functionally drunk one (me) was standing erect like they do on those old English horse-drawn coaches. It was so much fun! Here I was freezing. The wind, that Minnesota wind feeling like a million cuts to my face, and then there were the bumps. On a wheelchair, you feel everything: asphalt, pavement, gravel. The driver has a pretty comfy seat, but I felt everything, and what’s worse- I wasn’t strapped in like him.

About half way across the bridge, he starts zigzagging. It was funny before we hit the bridge. But I was a lil’ concerned. And before I could say, “Adam, we better slow down,” we’d crashed. Save for the sidewalk and the steel guard on that bridge, who knows when they would’ve fished out our bodies from the Mississippi River below? But it was fun. I sobered up quickly after lifting a 250-lbs man and his 400-lbs chair upright. But this is some of the memories I miss.

I miss riding the E-train from Jamaica to Midtown, or the C to work in the financial district. I miss the quiet of Jersey Transit. I miss not having to wait 10 minutes to view a video of my nephew because of slow internet connection. I miss running in the cold. You can almost feel your body breathe out the toxins after a long run in cold weather.

I miss having a quiet laugh while watching an exasperated niece finally burst out (at a party where she’s not having her way):

“I am not happy! This is the worst sleep-over ever!!”

I miss being able to record programs to view later!!! I miss being able to easily communicate with someone in Texas throughout any given day without worrying about minutes, top-ups, networks, megabits, or if my connection will break at the worst possible moment… ugh

I miss watching my nephew whine about not being able to go to the park, and having his sister and cousins rub it in by reminding him of why he couldn’t go and what fun they were going to have while out.

There was a time I walked into my mom’s room after having been out. My youngest niece had been left back and was seated between her aunt and grandmother. That girl did not look happy. Seeing me seemed like seeing a police squad burst in to rescue her from her captors. She hopped so fast into my arms. The funniest part was the moment after. She was comfortably perched on my arm talking to me. She wouldn’t bother turning to her aunt who was 2 feet away even when she knew they wanted her attention. I’d never seen a 2-year-old with such steely resolve. You couldn’t help but laugh at the exchange. She was somewhere comfortable in my arms and couldn’t be bothered with whatever noise was behind her.

I can’t wait to experience some of those little moments in life we always take for granted again. The sky’s a bit gloomy so I’m going to steal this rare opportunity and go for a quick run.



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