Ghanaian Women

May 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is a lil’ about Ghanaian women, but from my limited experience, I imagine you can apply most of what I say here to most women from the global south.

There are lot of beautiful women walking around Accra and Ghana. It’s so easy to not notice since there’s so many around you. I had a similar experience when I first moved to NYC. My good (female) friend used to squirm at how I’d check out a beautiful woman when we were out together. Two weeks after moving into the city, I stopped looking. So I missed the girl 32nd, no big deal. I’ll see another on the next block, on the stairs leading down to the subway, on the subway train, at every train stop, and many more before my final destination. It’s the same thing here.

There’s something really beautiful about brown skin. It’s firm, yet supple and rarely wrinkles. It’s silky. It doesn’t blotch or peel. It glistens when drenched in water. Many pay large sums to get the same texture we carry our whole lives. People inject saline into their butts to get what our moms gave us. Every spring, I’d watch people gleefully rush to anywhere they can get some sun to baste themselves in oils and roast themselves just to have a bit of what we have. It’s a bit funny and sad. I’ve worn this skin my whole life and never really appreciated what makes it unique, even when others point out (sometimes creepily) how much they like my brown skin. A short about skin tone: I attended this liberal arts college in the middle of Minnesota, which was naturally filled with closeted and reserved white Midwesterners. They always waited till they were drunk (both men and women, although I only paid attention to the women) to tell me the nice things they were too shy to say sober about brown skin. It was always funny listening to them do their lil’ confessions. We’re all shades of brown, and most often you’ll find several shades on just one person. I didn’t even think we had so many variations of the color brown until I started paying attention the last few years. There’s also no such thing as a black person. I always thought I’d see one, but they don’t exist. The closest you’ll get to black is maybe the color of Alek Wek. I don’t fancy Ms Wek, but I have met women with her color who are easy picks over the Beyonces of this world.

Speaking of celebrities, Jaime Foxx did a bit you can find on youtube about his trip to Africa for the “Ali” biopic. In it, he gushed to his audience about how there are Halle Berry lookalikes everywhere here. The rest of the act didn’t impress much after the false stereotyping began, but I always cracked at watching him say that. I always thought, “yeah, maybe they’re here, but everywhere?” Now I’ve been here long enough to conclude he was more than right. You won’t see beautiful if you’re looking for what might fit a westerner’s sense of what beauty should be. Flat asses are in short supply. Women here are curvy, even the twiggy ones. Almost every one of them has that cocoa sweet skin if you pay a close-enough attention. I imagine every eight out of ten women you see have nice butts. It’s unfortunate most of it is dressed in some not-so-cute outfit. I’ll even bet you’ll want to date a Ghanaian woman based solely on her mesmerizing ass, even when you realize she’s a control freak and has an attitude you could do without.

Even Ghanaian men have something that’ll impress you. My first day here, I visited my uncle’s home and saw this construction worker sporting an 8-pack. No, not 6-pack, not even the breath-holding/stomach-clenching thing you normally see from gym rats on those morning workout infomercials. No. I saw this guy and felt this strong urge to go for a run. I play round-robin football with 15-18 guys everyday to stay fit. No less than 10 of them have 8-packs. Almost everyone has a 6-pack. I have a flat stomach and a 33-inch waist, and around these dudes, I feel like I’m a heavy weight boxer lined up with track sprinters. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of big-bellied men and women and butt ugly people in Ghana like everywhere else in this world. But how often do you see men with legit 6-packs, let alone 8-packs, and those abound here. If vodafone didn’t move at a snail’s pace, I’d post pics for you to see what I’m talking about. Now go out there and meet them all. Don’t be shy. Ghanaians like attention. Tread carefully, though.


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§ 2 Responses to Ghanaian Women

  • Chris says:

    The butt thing is sooo true!! I have a cousin, skinny as anything. Then she turns around and “bam”…it’s in your face!

    • Mike says:

      I laughed so hard when I first read this! sorry for the late responses. I could never seem to figure out how to reply without wp glitching up the process.

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