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June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Several months ago, I held in my stomach to see how much my waist could measure. It was 34”; my waist measures 32 today and I don’t know how my weight drops. I wonder if our metabolism changes when we’re in the sun. 12 years ago when I was a senior in high school, I wore large shirts and those things were a fit. I still buy and wear large shirts, but they feel very oversized and I’ve grown taller and bigger. So what’s changed? Is XXL the new L? Have we all gotten so fat that manufactures have come up with new smalls, mediums and large?

I watched a Christian minister on TV decry a growing epidemic of homosexuality affecting Ghana’s you during a round-table discussion. It turns out being gay is some western cultural practice that spreads HIV and government needs to have registered every homosexual in Ghana. Seriously? Are we in Nazi Germany? It’s amazing the “good” many have done in the name of religion and the perceived moral high ground from which they imagine their authority to prey on others. There are pedophiles, child slavery, sex trafficking, and other pressing issues plaguing nations like ours, but we need to register gays and ban them (she didn’t specify) because that’s what ails Ghana most.

I planted beans (black, white, green, bambara), tomatoes, and red peppers. There’s something very calming about gardening. I’m not new to gardening, but I’ve only realized how calming it can be. I wake every morning and the first thing I do is go out to tend to my plants. I hope to add carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, and cauliflower, and maybe post pictures when everything germinates.

What is up with this need to wear wigs in this country? They all look like cross-dressers in the outrageous styles they wear. A tro-tro driver complained on TV about bad roads and begged for government to fix the roads. Ghanaians are very good at demanding government do this and that. After the interview and out of frame, I watched this same idiot toss a half-empty ‘pure water’ sachet on the road before entering his minibus. Sometimes, I wish I could reach into the tele and wring a few necks.

I’m traveling to Lagos, Nigeria by Aero this Friday. I hope they don’t operate prop planes. I’m deathly afraid of prop planes. Oh, well… maybe I’ll have some wonderful things to say about Nigeria on my return.



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