What is Tarsday?

October 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

–          Or Agast (as in August), gawd (god), or for that matter “artiste?” I was once told we’re mimicking the British. Really? Speaking of these “artistes,” why do you all wear shades whenever someone interviews you? It’s always these cheap and ugly 3ghc Chinese imports. I can’t tell you how much I get turned off whenever I see these people on TV. Do they think they, too, are mimicking Hollywood actors? Sammy Forson also always does his eTV show with his shirt’s top three buttons undone. This guy’s is borderline chubby/fat, and you can tell he really digs himself… eww!


–          The weather’s gotten cooler, but the rains are still scarce. I’ve decided to leave organic food production to farmers. After four months of watering my bambara beans, all I got was a cup full of beans! I have so much respect for what farmers do.


–          Glo says they’ll launch on November 3. I want to be excited about that, but I driven by their bordered up Madina shop a few hundred times and have learned not to take Africans seriously. But should they surprise me, I’m done with Airtel. They do well with their service, but I’m sick of the many text messages that offer services I don’t want. I’m still waiting for that voicemail they promised 3 months ago, but we are Ghanaians, after all.


–          I walk 7 miles 5 days a week at dawn ending before the sun comes up. I probably walk another 4 miles throughout the day. I also do 200 sit ups on the days I walk in the morning. My waist is now down to 32 inches. If you’re interested in working out or losing weight, just walk. I can tell you 100 things to do, but that wouldn’t be necessary. We’re built to walk- better than any mammals out there, so take advantage of this and get in shape.


–          I spent a few days away from home and met a beautifully curvy 20-something. It seems just about everyman in her neighborhood has tried his luck with her to no avail. She gets these grotesque proposals that border on sexual harassment from a married man nearly 50 years her senior, who also happens to live directly across from her home. He spent most of his time with me during my visit preaching to me about the virtues of god and Christianity. And then they always look shocked when I admit I don’t attend church.


–          A week ago, I went on a walk and met a man who hailed me and asked about this gaudy monstrosity we both saw. “Boss, is that a footballer or minister’s mansion?” What’s wrong with that picture?


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