There’s Nine Day’s Left

December 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

–          I almost got mugged last Friday morning at Madina’s Zongo Jnc. It was a bit funny thinking about it later on. When they see my water bottle they imagine I’m not from here and see me as easy target. I’ve lived in Alajo, Dansoman, Kokomlemle, and even call Nima one of my hometowns and you name it, I’ve see it. He was a bit taller, but quite skinny, as are most Ghanaian men not married. He grabbed my bag’s left strap and demanded I hand it over. It was barely 6am (I like to travel before the sun comes up). I was going away to my aunt’s at East Legon for the weekend. I’m fairly built and have a nasty left hook, which I’ve been perfecting since 1998. I was so pissed; I wanted to snap him in two. Come on! I’m 168lbs and squat in excess of 600lbs. He had to be 125 (I’m being kind here) and thought he could rob me.

With the galvanized steel flashlight still in my hand, it was a quick hook into his open ribcage. Skinny men are no fun to punch…all bones, but dude felt it. He bare clung on, but wouldn’t fully let go. I went up to his neck with my next shot. This time, he let go. But he came back. I reached for his neck- or rather his throat. Forget punches, or kicks to the groin area. If you want to immobilize a man, dig your nails in his throat and squeeze. A man approached to separate us; another shouted for us to stop fighting. After insulting him and warning him of worse the next time he tries to steal my bag, they take over and start smacking him around. I was already across the street and headed for my tro-tro station to care what worse they did to him.

–          On Saturday, I woke early to prepare for a friend’s wedding, which was interrupted by this impromptu church I hadn’t prepared for. A house meeting I was asked to attend happened to be a bible class, which turned into full-on worship. Have I said I’m not a religious person? It would’ve been nice to get advance warning. This lasted 90 minutes, which got me panicking that I wouldn’t make it to my next church in time for the wedding. My aunt tried to explain that I shouldn’t worry about keeping time, but the American in me just didn’t want to be the one who got to the ceremony late. Boy was I wrong. There were 8 people there when I arrived at 10:01am. They were all over 70 years old. There was a guy on stage still doing sound checks when I got seated. I took another 45 minutes before people started streaming in. The bride was radiant, as you’d imagine.


The service lasted over 2 hours and long after the couple had said their vows, people were still coming! Seriously, if you’re that late, you might as well turn around and go home. I estimated close to 250 people attended the wedding, and much more attended the reception. Makes you wonder how many really came for the reception.


–          The weather feels great. I could do without the extra Sahara sand, but I can’t complain too much. It’s Christmas, but you don’t get any feel for it. I wanted to dine out on the 25th, but looking at traffic, I think I’ll have to settle with another weekend at East Legon and more church services. I find I’m a tad jealous of the masses fleeing the city for their hometowns. This has always been my hometown. Thankfully, I have an Axim trip scheduled for week of New Year. Maybe it’ll make up for the white Christmas I’ve been longing for. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. I’ll be fattening up on jollof, fufu, and all the freshly-cooked broilers my stomach can accommodate.


See you next year! 


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  • efiasworld says:

    What an eventful morning you had, and an interesting wedding (and pre wedding church service), glad you’re ok though. Very serious matter but couldn’t help but LOL…as for the GMT (ghana man time), I hear you, even when I try to be fashionably late I always end up being the first one to arrive. Have a great christmas, enjoy the fufu and can’t wait to read up on your blogs in the new year.

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