Beaded Bracelets For 2ghc

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I made it all the way to Trade Fair to check out what all the artisans had to offer. It didn’t start out as well as I had imagined. My date for the day slept in late after an all-nighter at church. Sorry, but I don’t value that excuse anymore. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and they always seem to see it as a perfectly normal excuse. I’m a stickler for keeping time and was not impressed to say the least. Ending that call from her, I hopped on a tro-tro which had a greasy seat, leaving the back left leg of my khaki shorts completely blackened. It was too late to turn back home to change.

I was stoked to see what the participants had to offer. I hadn’t been to this place since I was 10. It hasn’t changed one bit! That place completely symbolizes Ghana’s attitude towards progress. I remembered every old and dilapidated-looking building (especially the one surrounded by water) like it was yesterday. The only things missing were those tired-looking horses people lined up to take rides on. It was fairly hot, too. You’d think in the last 21 years, the organizers would’ve planted a few trees to line up the walkways.

The showed looked quite sad. I understand it’s just begun and the public is only just trickling in, but most participants I saw looked a bit down. I dunno if it had to do with the outrageous 700ghc-or-so each booth had to pony up for this year’s show. How many 2-5ghc bracelets and trinkets can you sell in 2 weeks for that 700 to make good business sense? Even if I had 700ghc to burn, I wouldn’t cough it to gamble on the chance stingy Ghanaians would come and buy some of my wares.

That said, I would really encourage you to visit if you’re in town. It’s not hard to get to from anywhere in Accra. Also, my main reason is for you to support the exhibitors. I didn’t try to bargain down on the prices of the bracelets and earrings I got for my girls. I love a good deal, but I’ve helped friends out at trade shows before, and I know how expensive it can be for these small businesses to attend these shows. I also think if you go there early (before 11am), you might get to go in for free like I did. All-in-all, it was a fairly bland show, but I just thought it’ll be nice to promote the show a bit. It runs till the 10th of March. The food’s a bit expensive, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by that.

Not much else besides my spending Saturday night washing short. Oh! I saw two Japanese women eating banku and okro soup with such enthusiasm; you could tell they were no newbies to this. It was probably the best thing I saw all weekend. Someday, I’ll show you how to make this meal 😉


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