What Your Search Says About You… To Me

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I hope I’m not doing some blogging no-no by producing this list, but I’ve found it very fascinating what people do whenever they do their search queries since I started this blog. Some make me sick, but I can’t help cracking up about most of the rest. I won’t say too much today, but this makes me wonder about my white cousins- yes, you. Why are you guys so shy about approaching us? It’s not that hard. If anything, we should be the ones exercising caution when we meet you.

A lifetime ago in a small liberal arts college in Northfield, MN (starts with a ‘C’); I found people who had a liking to me would only approach when they were inebriated. Any other times, and you’d think I was persona non grata. Three weeks ago I sat in a booth and quietly listened to this group of NYU girls as they ate their pizza at the Accra mall. When I stood to check on my chicken order, I asked where in the U.S. they each came from. These chatty 5 girls became complete mutes.  One eventually spoke up, but she seemed so shy and they all seemed surprised a Ghanaian had approached them. I excused myself as their wide smiles reappeared. It reminded me so much of every white girl I’ve met since high school. Sadly, they’ll spend their term at Legon holed up in ISH, frequent the mall, and like all the other shy Caucasians on this list, wouldn’t dare approach locals until it’s too late.

Look, it’s safe to say a lot of you white men (and maybe the women?) walking are curious about the locals. Is it the perfectly round butts that seem to defy all laws of gravity that fascinate you? Or how it seems like every woman is a 34C or more? You’re in Africa; approach them. They won’t bite. So, instead of turning on your laptop and seeking advice about them on google, why don’t you go out there and meet them. Follow my advice about them and maybe you just might someday <gasps>…touch one of those gravity-defying glutei maximi.

This is the breakdown (by percentage) of what I usually get everyday. I didn’t edit any of this.

Here are some 16 recent ones:


I want to make friends with girls with big butts in Ghana

Can rape be justified?

Is raping my wife justified?

Why are all Ghanaian women so pretentious?

How should I ask a Ghanaian woman out?

Where can I find prostitutes in Accra?

What to bring to Ghana?

Things to Do in Ghana

Why are Ghanaians loud?

Are women in Ghana open to interracial dating?

Dating beautiful Legon girls

Ghanaian women with firm round ass to marry

Met sexy girl on ring road but too shy to talk to her. I wanna find her.

In Accra how to eat with hands properly

Why do Ghanaian girls walk in groups

Need tips on talking to Ghanaian women.



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