During The Last 14 Days…

March 14, 2012 § 8 Comments

I ran from my home to Pantang hospital. That is about 8 miles from my doorstep. The next day, I was too sore to mount another run, so I walked to Pantang Jct. On my way back, I saw the biggest snake I’ve ever seen outside a zoo. It was 6-7’ long and about three inches wide. This was around 8pm and it was trying to cross the Aburi road. I stopped, watched for a few seconds, and then gingerly continued on my way with my eyes fixed on its slow-writhe. A few seconds later, an armada of cars screamed past us. I was still there; the snake wasn’t.

My 8-miler had gone so well, I decided to do a 100-meter sprint. It was a good run. In fact, it was too good a run. Had I been a car, my engine would’ve blown, but I’m not. Instead, I felt a sharp pull from my mid-left thigh up into my abdomen. It’s happened once when I first came home and it took another 5 months for that pain to go away. This time, I laid flat on my back for 10 minutes talking to my leg and begging it not to fail me again. Next month, I’ll try a run up the winding road to Aburi. I know… I’m stubborn. I said next month because I did a wicked shoveling job that’s left my lower back so sour that I can’t sit for more than a few minutes at a time. Maybe one of these days, I’ll accept that I haven’t been 18 for a long time.

I caught two men beating their common-law wives on separate days. One ran off when I yelled at them; the other slowly backed off into their home when she raced to hide behind me. Why do men always do their abuses in hiding? Or stop when strangers appear? If you feel so empowered, and feel justified in your actions, why stop? I picked up a chunk of building block, told him to leave the house, and warned I’d call the police. He obliged and left, but I’d probably earned this poor girl another round of beatings later that evening.

I write a lot. I write almost everyday. It’s just mostly in my head, but thanks to my busied year, by the time I sit to write on this blog, I postpone for later, and later never seems to happen. A few friends had suggests once or twice that I write a book. I don’t fancy myself a good writer. I can tell a decent story, but a writer? Nah…but…I decided to dust off a project I’ve had and see if I can make something of it. I wrote a screenplay in my head on a ride back to campus from my senior party after my high school graduation (I was wearing off my first and last bong hits). It’s been in my head for nearly 13 years. I know every character and almost every line from the first scene to the end. So, to help things along, I’ve been reading lots of screenplays- Atonement, Good Will Hunting, and many more like them. It’s both exhausting an exercise when you have a back like mine and realizing how needless that required writing format is, but I’ve learned enough and have started writing. Do you know anyone at Focus Features I can get to read my stuff later this year?

I’ve need a p. o. box and Accra-North is out of free boxes. I tried Cantonments, and that too will take forever after my application, and I’m not ready for that waiting game. Thankfully, for ‘only’ 50ghc, I can have one in a week. I’m staunchly against enabling this corrupt system, but for once, I’ll bite and cough up that money. In this country, it’s all about who you know and how much money you have.

I also got my first marriage proposal! It was the sweetest thing I’ve seen and experienced since I came to Ghana. I had to turn her down, though. But I took a page from that book and promised my new and gorgeous Spanish friend that if I met her again, I’ll marry her. She was both surprised a flattered. “If you come to Madrid, I’ll marry you,” she responded grinning ear to ear. So, not only do I have to save for my kids’ flights to Accra this year, I now have to save a bit more for an Emirates/Iberia Madrid round trip. I need to learn to shut my big mouth sometimes…sigh.


§ 8 Responses to During The Last 14 Days…

  • Yvonne says:

    I always enjoy your writing and I hope that book comes to light!!

    • Mike says:

      lol, sadly, there won’t be any book. I’m just too lazy to finish one. but I have 3 screenplays in my head, and I’m writing one now. let’s hope I can finish it (fingers crossed).

      • Chris says:

        Hey make me a character! Just don’t kill me off or give me some weird disease. And I want to be more than “girl at table 3.” Ok…I’m done being bossy. On a side note, missing you like crazy. You never have time to chat any more :(.

      • Mike says:

        lol I’ll find a good place for you in my play. I go to bed early lately, but I’ll try to come online more often to talk.

  • Linda says:

    I’ll help you write a book. I’ve been told to write for quite sometime now. Love to read your blog.

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