Thinking Out Loud

February 23, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’m sitting in the lobby of Roots Apartment Hotel in Osu. It’s somewhat of a hidden, tranquil spot, which also happens to be in the heart of the Accra’s version of 5th Ave.
I didn’t have the best of evenings last night. I made what I thought was some wicked spinach stew. Only, it really was one wicked stew! Hint: never re-use old frying oil as part of your stew. I was a bit lazy, and now here we are. This will be my fifth food poisoning in 2 years. I don’t think I had a single poision in the preceeding 16 years. The accompanying fever is what I don’t get. It’s amazing how quickly the body grows weak from illness and the unusual compromises our minds settle for when we’re in such precarious situations.
I went to pee and found myself accepting “let me just rest here for a minute.” The ‘here’ was the 2-foot square space between my tub and the base of my WC. I never imagined a dirty rug and cool, yet dusty and sandy floor would feel so comfortable.
I’m still struggling with the heat. Can anyone explain this: when I sit or lie down in bed, my body sweats in turns. If I’m ever so slightly turned, whichever side that’s elevated sweats (leg, arm, torso, forehead), and it’s as if my body’s split in half, where the other (lower) half is completely dry and cool. I dunno if this is my kidneys struggling to function where I should be very concerned, or whether our skin goes through strange changes as it transitions from one extreme climate to another. Have you experienced any unusual bodily changes during your stay here in Ghana?
I haven’t written in a long while. It’s not from lack of interest or motivation. I just find less and less time to get into the mood to write. I usually let my emotions run whatever I’m experiencing out of my fingers. On one hand, it might make for good reading. On another, it might become annoying if you keep reading how I keep experiencing the same thing.
So, I might switch things up a bit. Instead of talking about my life, I might fictionalize real life experiences I see. 1. To protect the privacy of those I’m talking about. and 2. I like to see just how be creative in my writing.
Anyway, I’m going to stop here and head out to Accra to search for newly price-inflated drink concentrates. Ya gotta love Accra!


§ 2 Responses to Thinking Out Loud

  • Yvonne says:

    I hope you feel better soon… 2007 when I visited Ghana I drank some very questionable palm wine and that’s was my experience with illness in Gh. In 2010 when I travelled with my three boys, we spent half of the time visiting clinics. My boys had it really bad….especial my then 7 weeks baby.
    Anyway, I hope you feel better really soon. And Mike it’s about time you had that special person cooking for you wink wink and I actually have someone in mind……hmmmmm

    • Mike says:

      LMAO! I just saw this…last bit is very funny! Thanks for the kind words. I dunno if/ when my body will adjust to this place. But I’ve learned a lot about my food intake these last 2 years.

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